The Soul, my soul and your soul

Business of soul.

Soul is a big business. In fact largest and most profound. Historically saving souls is a pious venture which condone trivial violence like killing children, raping girls and women besides butchering unarmed humans. All obviously trivial because the religions which extended the umbrella of impunity to such acts are still thriving.

Coming back to soul, what is it?

A hard disk? A floppy disk? A CD-ROM ? Or a cloud account for human memories?

Frankly speaking I have no idea. But it seems to be something similar to one of the above. Or perhaps it is an afterlife or life at another place but certainly in a new body.
It appears, religious teachings carefully avoid direct answer and tend to be vague to support all views, of course to attract followers (read financial contributors) from all streams.

My view!

Do you care? Why? Probably you must not read any further.

The dichotomy struck to me when I was in resting to heal my fractured arm. I picked up Bhagwat Geeta (A HIndu religious book) to look into this question and about karma. I have already written about karma, long back. But voilà, I am right about soul as well. The corresponding Hindi/Sanskrit word for soul is “atman” and nowhere the word “atman” is prefixed by my or your. Rather it explicitly says “atman is one and indestructible”. If it is one, how it can be mine or yours.
How hurtful it is? No afterlife as hoped. No special place for memory, no recycling or saving of soul. Very disappointing. If the word goes out, it will ruin the business of Gurus and Gods.

Sorry I did not bother about other religious books.

So what to do?

Trash the book by wrapping it up, in silk. Not to open again. Kill the neighbor and love his enemy. Or even better love his/her spouse.
And soul?
Enjoy the capitalism of ownership of souls in afterlife. Enjoy the reality show of killing humans to save their souls. This is earth and we humans are rational.

Ha ha.

Please share your views.

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