The Soul, my soul and your soul

Business of soul.

Soul is a big business. In fact largest and most profound. Historically saving souls is a pious venture which condone trivial violence like killing children, raping girls and women besides butchering unarmed humans. All obviously trivial because the religions which extended the umbrella of impunity to such acts are still thriving.

Coming back to soul, what is it?

A hard disk? A floppy disk? A CD-ROM ? Or a cloud account for human memories?

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Why Religion? What caused its origin?

Flowers with human facesThe label called ‘Religion’

Mortals have to fear one thing most: ‘Death’ and the mystery behind it. Who dies and what is left behind. If dead is left behind then who had died. Curiosity is the human nature. Only monkeys are more curious than humans. The curiosity about death, coupled with the fear gives way to the need for looking beyond out daily routines, which is our only known reality. Any mysterious person who is not afraid of death or who has some explanation, attracts our attention immediately. They are mystics. Those who dare the mystery and do not get dared by it.
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