The Soul, my soul and your soul

Business of soul.

Soul is a big business. In fact largest and most profound. Historically saving souls is a pious venture which condone trivial violence like killing children, raping girls and women besides butchering unarmed humans. All obviously trivial because the religions which extended the umbrella of impunity to such acts are still thriving.

Coming back to soul, what is it?

A hard disk? A floppy disk? A CD-ROM ? Or a cloud account for human memories?

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Enigma of hurt, anger and violence!

Emotional hurt.

Physical hurt is, ordinarily, a temporary affair. The pain finds a plateau and subsides. Emotional hurt is like skeletons in an empty box. A blow of air, a shift in pace or a stumble on a perceived step, anything can cause carrion to rattle. Hurt turns inward as despair or depression. Hurt, when reflects outwardly, it is an anger for catharsis. That is good part of it, if there is anything good in it. The worse is that cinder of hurt keeps burning inside charcoal of despair or depression and looks for next opportunity of catharsis by anger or violence. What causes emotional hurt? People? Society? Illogical people? Injustice? Illness? Failure (whatever that means to an individual)? Physical deformity? Other’s success (whatever that means to an individual)? Other’s failure?

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