Dealing with dishonest person.

Policy of honesty:

Their is no quick fix solution for dealing with dishonest person. If however an answer is sought in one word, it would be: Honesty. Yes, do not become dishonest only to deal with dishonest person. It is not a moral advise but a practical one. A person who is a practising dishonest can not be out tricked by an amateur just turned dishonest without any experience of deception and deceit. So stick to the known policy of honesty. In fact honesty has a leverage.

People never fall under the weight of honesty but they do fall under the weight of dishonesty.
The second point is that there can not be any regular dealing with dishonest. One or two transactions are more than enough to experience. Dishonest will come with new rosy picture, each time he/she is confronted with and will promise great future but will not change ever, even if promised.
We are nothing but bundle of habits. Habits are the person without and thoughts are the person within. So, hope for nothing impossible. The glory of dishonest will always be there to startle. The only way to survive is to sever the ties with dishonest.


The moment a dishonest person is identified the only dealing possible is of severance. The attempt should be to sever the relationship as quickly as possible and to ensure that no strings are left attached for any possibilities of future ties for it will only bring misery, pain and agony.

Dealing with dishonest.

This is interesting. Once we make it clear to the dishonest that the only was forward is severance of relationship, it comes unduly as a surprise. Dishonest can not believe that he is caught. He/she can not believe that any one could pierce through the veil of deception created by him in exercise of his masterly art. Any engagement on ‘why severance’ would become an endless debate. Cut it short. Now the terms of severance.
A dishonest person does not expect a fair deal because he/she will not give any one a fair deal. Give him/her a fair deal even if he/she does not deserve. Dishonest person has to be suspicious so the fair deal will be rejected. Now some other deal will be negotiated then another. If we wait patiently dishonest will stumble upon raw deal and accept it. Give it and walk out of misery. Do not look back. Getting rid of dishonest is an achievement worth any price for it purchase peace of mind.
Adieus my dear dishonest friend.
(I hope it remains that way forever.)

7 thoughts on “Dealing with dishonest person.

  1. You always demonstrate a fine legal precision which I’m sure is so helpful in all areas of your life just as it is in the court room. This is very cutting as it makes me aware of my ongoing experience of uncovering dishonestys in my heart routinely. I am not confessing to be “dishonest” but I certainly am knee-deep in a life-long process of peeling off layers of dishonesty. There appears to be a “cutting” theme in some of your observations recently but it is of the Hamlet variety, “I would be cruel only to be kind.” Thanks.


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