Choosing host to visit as guest.

single-pink-dahlia-640Tulsi Das was a great poet. He also wrote his version of Ramayana, the great Indian epic. It appears that I had scribbled his couplet in my diary, a few years back, which I again, stumbled upon. It says:

Aawat hi harshe nahi;
Nainan nahi sneh;
Tulsi wahan na jaaiye;
Chahe kanchanbarse meh.

आवत ही हर्षे नहीं;
नैनं नहीं स्नेह;
तुलसी वहां न जाइये;
चाहे कंचन बरसे मेह।

Though there are some translations available on the net, I found those inadequate. My version of English translation is:

Who depicts no pleasure;
Whose eyes gleam not of affection;
Why visit (him/her at) such place;
Even if it rains gold.

It vividly describes the dilemma of visiting the hosts.

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