Indra Prastha University without dissertation office?

Guru Gobind Singh Indra Prastha University is the second university in Delhi. Unlike Delhi University, which offers three years law degree after normal university degree, it offers 5 years integrated law graduation immediately after Higher Secondary. It was aimed to provide world-class education but so far it has to cross the first hurdle: to be better than the Delhi University. So far this object remains as distant as ever. Prof. Dilip K. Bandyopadhyay is the present Vice Chancellor if IP University.
Apart from the usual problem of inexperienced teaching staff and lack of experienced visiting lecturers, it suffers from many problems. Here is one problem of Dissertation Management. The official website is “”.
As part of any University Curriculum, the final year of law is reserved for Dissertation. Each student is expected to submit a detailed thesis on a topic of law by finding the question of law, analyzing the legal provisions and case-law and the final conclusion. Obviously plagiarism would amount to cheating. However the University and for that matter, affiliated Colleges have no mechanism to check plagiarism which is rampant. In fact they have no Dissertation Office. The theses are neither published nor made public but simply confined to some box room without window or light. It is wondered if these are read.
While overseas universities are switching to online journal, IP University has no journal at all. A look at their administrative staff reveal that there is no staff to oversee Dissertations.
While the fee structure in IP University is about 7 to 10 times of that charged by Delhi University, its academic performance is hardly better. The credit if any, can be given to modern buildings however with untrained and inexperienced teachers.
I met a teacher who was teaching English in one such College. She knew nothing of Latin. Can a teacher without knowledge of Latin teach English in law college? But it happens only in India.
Similar are other examples of teachers. Fresh postgraduates of law are recruited as Lecturers or Astt. Lecturers without any experience of teaching or of practice of law. The result is that University is producing clerks. Most students end up in ‘Legal Process Outsourcing’ a modern euphemism for ex post facto stenography.
State of affairs of Colleges is no better. These are run by people without educational background. There is no Principal or Dean from educational background but Directors from administrative stream, without teaching back ground, are administrative heads who run the college under whims of Trustees or such managers who intervene in administrative affairs without any camouflage or pretense.

gravel_2490328-resizedI wonder if position is similar in other cities? If this is the state of affair in Capital of India, Can it be better at other places?
Welcome to shops or factories of education. We are producing law graduates every year! We are also piling up million of pending cases, in courts, every year. Do not worry about delay in justice.

© Sandeep Bhalla

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