While Bhagwat Geeta did emphasise that inaction is the supreme action (i.e. Karma) but very few know it. Yet this inaction has little to do with in-decisiveness. Especially about the junk. First of all blind accumulation of possessions. All possessions come with shelf life and duty of maintenance and care. With passage of time the utility falls in loop of diminishing returns. Eventually the object becomes junk.The worst scenario is where the object was junk from the beginning. For example left over wood or building construction material. Why we remain indecisive? Why we do not get rid of junk possessions? Is it mere indecisiveness or something more? The invent and popularity of Vastu and Feng Shui, notwithstanding.
Worst part is junk automobiles. Even worst are those strewn on public places. With huge recycling market in India, most of metallic junk can be sold. Why not do it?
It appears that the reason for accumulation is the cause for non disposal as well. Objects we possess are expansion of ourselves. Like the clothes we wear. About a decade ago, house of a film actress turned politician was searched for un-accounted wealth. The starting revelation was that she had in her possession the first dress as also the footwear she wore as actress and of course all the subsequent ones.
Car we possess is an extension of our being. The more expensive the car, more majestic we are.
We are what we possess. But mind is not logical. The majestic becomes junk and mind does not notice. It continue to cling.
We, ourselves gradually become junk, unnoticed and sometime uncared for.

1 thought on “Indecisiveness

  1. This obsession stuff has become the focus of a couple of tv shows here about “Hoarding.” At first it is funny to watch; but quickly becomes pathetic when you see the desperation of their lives. People sense the emptiness within and try to fill it with objects…and I’m guilty myself with my verbosity!


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