Why God?

Dusting some old books, I came across this beautiful reasoning presented by Swami Vivekananda about ‘God’:

“l have been asked many times, ‘Why do you use that old Word, God?’
Because it is the best word for our purpose; you cannot find a better word than that because all the hopes, aspiration and happiness of humanity have been centered in that word. It is impossible now to change the word. Words like these were first introduced by great saints who realized their import and understood their meaning. But as they become current in society, ignorant people take these words and the result is that they lose their spirit and glory. The word God has been used from time immemorial, and the idea of this cosmic intelligence, and all that is great and holy. is associated with it. Do you mean to say that because some fool says it is not all right, we should throw it away? Another man may come and say, ‘Take my word,‘ and another again, ‘Take my word‘. So there will be no end to foolish words. Use the old word; only use it in the true spirit, cleanse it of  superstition, and realize fully what this great ancient word means.” (italics supplied)

The meaning of above, as deciphered by each of us would be different. It would also be different at different times of life. Depends if we are trying reinforce our belief of mind or surrendering. It will depend upon perception and reality. I shall also refer to words of a Judge about evolution of words and the meanings here: who wrote:

“A phrase begins life as a literary expression; its felicity leads to its lazy repetition; and repetition soon establishes it as a legal formula, indiscriminatingly used to express different and sometimes contradictory ideas.”

5 thoughts on “Why God?

  1. It can be said, albeit inaccurately, that life is a time pass. However, there are two ways of passing time. Consumption or Creation. Every one can not remain in silent meditative state at all times. When we talk about ‘tendency’, I would like to agree that there may be molecular ‘tendency’ to create but consumption is obvious result of what psychologist call ‘peer influence’. We consume out of habit. Consumption includes reading and watching. I am reading a fiction, this year. It is:
    The Moghul


  2. An afterthought….”why do I read anything?” Hmm. Well, I’m in love with the thing which recedes from the knowledge of it, I guess. Yes, a futile endeavor in some sense. But, it seems to be my calling. A biologist I know once defined a molecule as “a tendency”: and human beings are collections of molecules and each of us might be called a “tendency.” You, and others, are more aware of the “tendency” that I am than I will ever be, though I admit I try! But that is just a deep-seated problem I have in trying to be God and escape the world of contingency. But now I devote a lot of time with more important things like gardening, birds, doggies, wife, friends, and family. As noted so often, “We wage the war we are.” I always appreciate your comments, observations, and questions.


  3. Well, I agree that everything is in harmony and that my quest, my primordial hunger, stems from my personal lack of attunement with that harmony. And, I admit…as I have before…sometimes I think God is going to tell me one day, “Hey, shut up Lew! Enough of your blathering.” But, in the meantime, as a character in Job noted, “My belly is full of words, like a taut wine skin, about to burst.” And, I guess the “bursting” is what I fear.

    Vivekananda came to me recently in an interesting way. A neighbor and good friend of mine was hosting a cousin who currently lives in Delhi with her “partner,” Narenda. Yes, his name is interesting! She is studying the healing arts (my term) and was strikingly beautiful, inside and out. She recommended Vivekananda.

    Re Kant and “Critique…”, I have read some Kant and really enjoyed it. I will have to go back and check him out again. However, there are so many things I want to read and so many things I want to do and then my wife recently reminded me, “There are not too many shopping days left ’til Christmas.! (The bitch!)


  4. Once again I must quote Ronald Reagan, “There you go again!” for you have offered something that is so timely in my life and I’m sure in the lives of many of your other readers. Someone recently suggested Vivekendanda to me but I had not followed up with their recommendation. I will certainly do so now.


    • What happened to other seers, happened to Ramkrishna Paramhans and his favourite pupil Naren a.k.a. Vivekanand. The pupil was more popular. I have read only an extract of his work. The entire work is in 8 volumes or so published by a Trust.
      However, I take this liberty, why you want to read him or anything? First answer that question. My guess is, as you wrote few days back, to find a way to harmonise religions. The truth is everything is in perfect harmony. Only our mind is out of sync.
      I would suggest reading Emmanuel Kant ‘Pure Critique of Mind’ before reading anything.


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