Why God?

Dusting some old books, I came across this beautiful reasoning presented by Swami Vivekananda about ‘God’:

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Thou shall not judge thy neighbors.

How many think that the phrase “Thou shall not judge thy neighbors” is only in Bible. I had dwelled upon this in my words in Barbarians, Here is another version from Swami Vivekananda:

we tend to reduce everyone else to the limits of our own mental universe and begin privileging our own ethics, morality, sense of duty and even our sense of utility. All religious conflicts arose from this propensity to judge others. If we indeed must judge at all, then it must be `according to his own ideal, and not by that of anyone else’. It is important, therefore, to learn to look at the duty of others through their own eyes and never judge the customs and observances of others through the prism of our own standards.

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