We are what we think we are!

bushes-flowers-20130403_091836We are concerned how Governments are being run? Why Corporations are ruthless? How people’s representatives hardly represent anyone but themselves? How people at the helm of affairs, are and were, always callous and insensitive if not ruthless to people? We wonder why is it so?

Many years ago a friend shared his philosophy of life. According to him animals were made so that human could savor. He went one step more and shared, ‘like animals these people, the fools, are also made to be exploited’. He was referring to the manual labourers, working classes and gullible.

A few years back a young friend had a visitor from another city who was supposedly politically well-connected. This friend asked me how to ‘use’ this visitor. I could stare back at him and asked: ‘this is how you treat every relationship?’ His reply was evasive and it had to be but that is besides the point.

A few days back another young friend wanted to advice me that I should be socially active. My view was social movement is a movement of theatrics, deception and manipulation. One has to be an accomplished actor to be a socialite. Above all, humans are like robots, they can be easily manipulated but not easily communicated with. Manipulation and deception is intertwined with insensitivity. We can not relate to another by being insensitive. His response was, ‘who wants to relate?’

These are three out of many examples from common but ambitious people. The insensitivity reflected is common with entire society. How those who are part of Government can be any different from rest of us; ambitious but callous and insensitive rather ruthless society?

Common Air, planet, blood, protein was insufficient to dispel individuality but individual patterns of living or habits, nourishment and excretion are sufficient to enforce individuality? And to what end? Exploiting and using others? We are in the hell where we condemned ourselves to. Hell of anxiety, fear, despair, depression, pain and humiliation.

Insensitivity has encumbered our relationships but we blame every one except our mind.  We make this hell every moment and shirk the responsibility by searching cause everywhere except in our mind. All that is needed is to treat another human as human first. To accept a life-form as such rather than making tiers of creatures across the, species, races, continents or color, in day-to-day life. Is it difficult?


5 thoughts on “We are what we think we are!

  1. Very well put. Someone once said, “Our thoughts become us.” Your view of life often appears grim but I, too, see its ugliness. And I so often feel it. But mercifully we are hard wired to follow Hamlet’s advice and “cling to these ills that we have, rather than fly to others that we know not of.”


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