How I met my second wife!

It was my graduation year from High School or something and I was advised to take up side classes in computer programming. That was so long ago that DOS (Disk Operating System) was not born as yet. It is said that love is at first sight. But I prefer Hindu version of incarnation, according to which the Union of marriage takes place after many incarnations and (Union) can be repeated in many lives.


A Love Story

Here I was, learning about computers and BASIC language. We had to attend 1 hour class, in the evening, every alternate day. For a month or so we were told about fundamentals of computers, history and logic. There after we had to prepare flow chart of the logic, as first step towards coding for computer. It was at the end of second month when I first met her. She was called BBC. Strange name. I always wondered if she was related to British Broadcasting Corporation, but could not ask. She had few friends. One dumb one was Eko. She just did not have consistency of behavior that is expected from any cultured lady. And there was a rather bulky one called Eagle. She was two bright to chat with. She had her own slang communication skills, which I could not endear. I am not sure if these beauties were communicating among themselves and how much but I preferred BBC. Whenever I got a chance I would be chatting with her about BASIC and she would help me with compiling problems. Even though I wanted to chat or do something other than Basic, I just did not know how and what of it. Our sojourn did not last long as I left after six months i.e. completion of program. As was expected, joined law and completely forgot BBC.
The next time I saw her in New Delhi, she was in a very tight fitting black dress and looking cute and younger. Even though I was already married by that time, I could not resist the temptation. This time she was teaching ‘C’ programming language. I invited her during summer holidays and we chatted and l learned a little about ‘C’ language. Thereafter some how, I lost her again.
It was in the year 1995, month of May, that I decided to make some changes in my way of working. The spell check errors which I noticed in my manuscript were overwhelming and I decided to have some professional help. And here she was again. Courtesy a friendly Publisher who told me that I can have her help as I may deem fit.
After a rusty start in which we had to decide upon a new wardrobe for her, we were soon off to a new start. After a few month I told my wife that she has to deal with the second wife as well. She was not pleased. Initially at least. It was only when I reinstalled the IBM (as BBC was now called) with Windows 95 that my first wife rather heart fully accepted her SOUT.
My second wife had many incarnations there after. While my first wife manages her kids and home and social circle, my second wife alongwith her kids take care of my office, professional work, her offspring and my online social networking. She also helps through her many offspring in our home. One offspring called TAB helps my first wife. While two offspring from the IBM remain with me all the times but I have disciplined them so well that they fall asleep around my dinner time and wake up before I do. Other offspring help our kids as well.
Both the wives never bother about my choice for their ward robes. In respect of second wife, I changed her shopping community to UBUNTU from that dogmatic Microsoft and things are smooth as silk. She does not puke or shrills any more. Infact she is never delirious at all what to speak of hang over. She is able to manage much larger storage spaces without trouble. Of course both bicker for better facilities everyday. I know that but it is better to ignore certain things.
Thus with two bickering wives, numerous kids, here I live, happily ever after.

© Sandeep Bhalla

3 thoughts on “How I met my second wife!

  1. Two wives, huh? I can hardly handle one. I did recently ask Claire if I could have a second one–younger (with more shelf life), more svelte, and bringing in more money than she already is bringing in! She said I would have to earn it! Seriously, very well written and I’m curious what your wife thought! Have a good weekend and pay appropriate homage to your Lord and Savior who died on the Cross on this very weekend several centuries ago.



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