Human relationships: living with Zombies.

Why Human relationships turn sour?

Humanity exist in relationships. Civilization is a relationship. Howsoever we may crave, we can not exist without relationships. Relationship could be life long like marriage or as Parent or it could be sporadic like that with bus driver, Milkman or Postman.

In spite of such immense importance of relationships, relationships often fail. When we talk of relationships, marriage is unnecessarily notorious. Parents of grownups find their relationship with children turning sour. Friends turn foe. Siblings who grow up together and have decade of joint past do not see each other eye to eye, in later life. What happens?

Is it marriage?

Answer is emphatic no. Marriage may be a catalyst in some cases but it certainly is not the cause. Marriage do introduce new characters and ideas in the equation of relationship and may require adjustments but that is not the only cause. Continue reading

Happily married couple from heaven

Enigma of Marriage

Marriage is enigmatic institution as secret of happy marriage remains a secret. What is marriage? Mythological and spiritual explanations are abound. In Christianity marriage is union ’till death do us part’. In Hinduism Marriage is a union ‘for seven life times’. Of course they must also believe in another fairy tale that marriages are made in heaven and performed on earth.
It appears that in past few decades there has been some disorder or some disruption in the routine of heaven. It is getting increasingly difficult to find happily married couple or worse a suitable prospective spouse.

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Gay Marriage: An outsider’s perspective on issues.

Flowers: Pink Dahlia

Reasons to marry.

It was long time ago that I heard a logic ‘We all know the ‘reason’ why people get married, but it is never mentioned explicitly.’ Now I wonder what that meant. In fact every time I asked a person getting married or recently married, the answer was that this is what every one does. Some courageous one tell me that they married because they loved each other. In some of those cases I only had to wait few years to ask again. But that is a different matter. Or is it really different? Unfortunately I am not personally acquainted with any homosexual person. However I believe that this should not change anything because I never had privilege of peeping into bedroom of any other couple hetro or homo. But my question remains same. Why marriage? Continue reading

Secret of happy marriage: Ten Rules.

Divorce Capital of India.

New Delhi also happens to be divorce capital of India with highest number of matrimonial disputes pending in courts. Considering this dis-harmonious atmosphere, I was anxious about my marriage. What should I do and what not to do. First I took out Black’s Dictionary and looked up the word husband. According to the dictionary it originated from the term ‘House bond’. This made me even more nervous. Bondage? I consulted a friend, Mr. X as usual. He listened to my problem and advised me to be in touch with IAHH which was a Non-Governmental Organisation devoted to uplifting the standards of marital relationships. I went to this NGO and became a member. The gave me a charter of ten rules to follow. These Rules are:
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How I met my second wife!

It was my graduation year from High School or something and I was advised to take up side classes in computer programming. That was so long ago that DOS (Disk Operating System) was not born as yet. It is said that love is at first sight. But I prefer Hindu version of incarnation, according to which the Union of marriage takes place after many incarnations and (Union) can be repeated in many lives.

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