War Crimes

Recently India’s voted against Sri Lanka at the UN Human Rights Council and  voted for a US-backed resolution urging Sri Lanka to probe rights abuses in the war on the Tamil Tigers.

Sri Lanka expressed outrage after the resolution won majority support at the UN Human Rights Council meeting in Geneva. The UNHRC adopted the resolution with 24 votes in favour, 15 against and eight abstentions. The Daily News said: “Only one vote majority for resolution; 24 say ‘yes’, 23 decline to support”. (Extracted from http://m.timesofindia.com/world/south:-asia/War-crimes-India-voting-for-UN-resolution-grabs-headlines-in-Lanka-dailies/articleshow/12378654.cms)

Wars have a nasty effect on population. Wars are fought by people/soldiers who are trained to be insensitive to human life. It is a paradox that after teaching insensitivity we expect them to  be sensitive to civilian population. More so in a war which is fought on racist lines. Every far fought on racist lines had highest casualties of civilians and the efforts of its hush up.  However it can not be denied that every country has skeletons in its cupboards as far as human rights are concerned. The secrets of abuse of human rights lies buried in its population, judges, lawyers and of course police who turn to look at other places when human rights are violated in the name of national interest in a war against terrorism. It is unfortunate that with all the superficial technology we could not find any alternative to actually co-exist peacefully. Shame shame to all of us.

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