Notionpress called nicely.

Publication and education:

A large number of publishers whom I have met were not from literary background. They were book dealers who graduated to publication on the basis of their marketing skills. Historically also the books selling shops were the earliest copyright owners and who approached the Royal Court for a charter on Copyright. Authors’ rights developed rather were acknowledged, much later.

Notionpress and free speech:

Today I received a phone call from Notionpress requesting me to remove the review posted here. The young lady was polite but extremely disappointed when I ended the conversation after explaining that they should concentrate on fixing their services rather than to rely upon the nice manners alone. 

Few weeks ago I had received two emails from same lady at Notionpress requesting me to remove the review as it is hurting their business.

Critique and review:

Review of services is part of every services. In fact most vendors viz. Amazon ask the buyers for their review which they post on their website. Review helps informed decision. Of course a review must not be false and vendor must have opportunity to explain. As regards Notionpress they availed the opportunity and I have published notionpress’s response to my review here. It is for people to read and make the right call. I am also open to any change in the practice of Notionpress, if they point out to me.

But I do not understand the audacity with which this person from Notionpress demanded that the said review may be removed while making no effort to remove the defects in their services.

Are they naive?

These questions begs the answer:

  1. Do they have no inkling about the notion called free speech?
  2. Do they feel no remorse in making false promises to people and earn money?

I really wonder what would be their answer to above questions?


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