Kejri effect and it’s spreading tentacles.

What is Kejri effect?

Kejri effect is a new addition to vocabulary of Indian English. Kejri effect means reckless lies in shape of false promises which the promissory is neither in position to fulfill nor has the intention to do. so. It is an inducement to sway the decision in favour of Promisor who shall be called ‘Kejri‘ for the sake of brevity.

Selecting a lawyer.

A friend called up last Sunday. His problem was that he was an educated person who had a case pending in a distant High Court and that he had a good case on merits as well as law. Case was continuing for over a decade and inspite of changing several lawyers there was no conclusion. As we discussed the friend confessed that it appears that he has been duped by lawyers in the past who promised like Kejri but simply could not deliver at all. This problem made me realize that we have new word in our thesaurus. Just to be through let me share the advice I gave to the friend. My advice to him was.

Take the ‘list of dates’ of his case to a lawyer and ask him as what are the chances of his case. Ask law and facts which are favourable. Do not share your knowledge with him but ensure that the lawyer you hire already knows these things about law and facts of case. If he does, hire him/her.

Kejri effect.

Truth is Kejri Effect is not a phenomenon limited to this sub continent but it is a universal phenomenon which like a con man thrives of human belief of expecting Santa Claus every day and not just on Christmas.

I am no different. I have been trying hosting service providers like GoDaddy webhosting and Webland. They offered hosting so cheap viz. a dollar a month, it was tempting. But in fact it was Kejri promise. Similar was the effect of Notionpress who promised so much like kejri but did so little. Similar was a student coaching to crack competitive entrance exam called FIITJEE. Read how they coach meritorious students for free and use their success stories to sell to others. When asked they never shared real data.

In USA ‘WMD’ is a word similar to Kejri except that former pointed to a state of affairs which was untrue. Yet the false information was used in a kejri effect to do something which was highly debatable and losses of lives which was uncalled for.

2008 and its toxic investments are another pointer. How toxic sub prime loans which were a doubtful investment was sold around the world with kejri effect and its aftermath.

Moving forward on kejri effect.

A promise or assurance is meaningless if the person making such promise is not capable or has no blue print to share. If a promise is too good to be true it is probably not true. In any case why take a chance. Stick with normal promises and normal returns. Tall goals are achieved with steady yet small steps.

Do not trust Santa Claus for a gift in future if he is asking for something today as advance. Be careful and be safe. Kejri effect is effective only when we fall for it.

So don’t.

Please share your views.

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