Charity and Compassion

Charity is something we are taught from childhood.

Like good manners. Compassion is something far more profound. Charity is cultivated but compassion exists in the empty areas when there is no activity of ambition, achievement or competition or the like. Charity can be done but compassion happens. Compassion can be the cause of charity but not the other way round.

Traditions turning opaque:

Hindu traditions of actions from compassion have all been reduced to charity. We can see it all around us. Similar state is in Muslims who have to set apart a certain percentage of income for the benefit of mankind but now it is more of a formality. Similar traditions exist in Christianity and other religions but all are completely divorced from compassion.
Charity is generosity of pocket but compassion produces generosity of heart. Charity is buying goods from shopping plaza. Grandeur the better. Compassion has nothing to with quantum or scale. Charity is a business of good deeds. Do good and expect good. How fair? But life is neither fair nor just. Often it seems to be a randomly rolling dice. Hope when the chips are down, we may find compassionate people not charitable.

Source of inspiration:

The picture is from a destitute home for girls who are doing wonderful job of upbringing. If your compassion appeals try to help them but do not send any money. In New Delhi most such institutions have queues of rich charitable persons knocking their doors. But this institution is some how remained isolated. Get involved to help the children to grow better.
If there is any such institution near you, get involved with it but not in expectation of good or anything rather to feel human. If you can afford to spend your time and little money, use it to help them but do not try to write a cheque. Find out what they need or what they miss. Let us march one step towards the dream called humanity.

But let me warn you that no good deed goes unpunished. So now you are told.

2 thoughts on “Charity and Compassion

  1. Excellent! I have been looking for opportunities to offer “compassion” rather than charity on a regular basis in my new community. These opportunities are always present. Thanks for this thoughtful observation.


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