Delhi Elections 2015.

Delhi Elections for Assembly.

1,33,09,708 voters are entitled to vote in Delhi Elections being held to elect local Government of State of Delhi on 7th February 2015. After a fortnight of canvassing, blaring loudspeakers and slogan shouting it is a quite morning in springs. Chirping birds welcomed this morning. Poll canvassing stopped yesterday evening. Apparently the 36 hours are given to voters to mull over the choices they have been presented by political parties.

Marigold Flower in springs 2015
The obvious perception is that it is two way fight between Modi’s BJP and Kejriwal’s AAP but not in every constituency.
The Congress seemed to be making a comeback. It’s election rallies were better attendance in comparison to last year.
It is nearly impossible to predict the winner or the loser. Last election it was certain that Congress Party will be loser, whoever may be the winner. Everything depends upon Congress to improve its tally.

Enemy’s enemy proving friend:

BJP would be wise to pray for improvement of tally by Congress as AAP has hijacked not only the subsidy agenda of congress but has also wooed the downtrodden slum dwellers by making all kinds of promises.
AAP with slush funds and trusting immature young and educated volunteers have induced almost everyone to vote for Kejriwal. Their attempted personal rappart with every possible household reminds of BJP in 1990’s when they were recovering from worst defeat in 1984.

Infighting in BJP

BJP is fighting on many fronts. It has no local leader with mass appeal. It’s choice of Kiran Bedi who joined BJP only a fortnight ago is too little too late. The corrupt municipal councillors of BJP dislike her. Except for hard core cadre, like AAP & Congress it too had to rely on hired volunteers. This election is a close call. If BJP loses this election it would be simply repeating itself. Last time it won, over fifteen years ago, it chose to replace the popular leader Madan Lal Khurana with Sahib Singh Verma only to gain voters of a particular caste. Administratively handicapped Sahib Singh drove the party to disaster. It’s last minute choice of Sushma Swaraaj as chief minister did not help.

Missing a mass scale leader:

Choosing Kiran Bedi at last minute may prove to be a similar unsuccessful attempt. In past ten years of Congress rule BJP could not produce a mass appeal dynamic leader and induction of Bedi is an apparent admission. If AAP wins this election BJP would be wise to act as a responsible opposition and groom it’s mass appeal leaders at local level. It will also be time for Bedi and BJP to consider if they can be together for apart from administrative capability, Bedi is not a person to play second ball to any other person or to play as a team with corrupt politicians. In any case would BJP even accept Bedi to revamp Delhi Unit of party? That would be the proverbial million dollar question which will pose itself to BJP irrespective of the result of Delhi Elections.

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