Paradox of cleverness

Are you clever?

Inventive person

What is clever:

Dictionary defines clever as:

  1. mentally bright; having sharp or quick intelligence; able.
  2. superficially skillful, witty, or original in character or construction; facile.
  3. showing inventiveness or originality; ingenious.
  4. adroit with the hands or body; dexterous or nimble.

As per above definition any person who has displayed the ability to solve a problem, is clever. All it requires is one-act of cleverness or inventiveness. This definition makes almost every person on this globe, who is not imbecile or idiot is clever.

Problem of being clever:

The problem with a part (3) of above dictionary definition is the underlying presumption that only one clever act is sufficient to make a person clever. No continuity required. To be hygienic one has to act hygienic every moment but to be clever, there is no such requirement. Just one-act of hygiene is not sufficient. Ability to drive taxi does not make every driver a taxi driver. There are many example but reason for such definition is far from clear.

Improving the definition of clever:

Now that we know that definition of clever is partially vague, the obvious action would be to complete it with action. So what we do? We persistently search for at least one challenge everyday in which we may demonstrate our cleverness. The day we don’t find a challenge is boring and unacceptable.

Is that a clever action:

Challenges are often dangerous but always stressful. So why volunteer to undergo stress? How such an action, can be clever?
Now that is paradoxical. A stupid action to prove cleverness. But that is how we live life. Ideas overtake action and like double edge sword we bleed ourselves without even realizing what we are doing.

As for me, I thing I shall settle being a lazy dumb or dummy. Thanks a lot to all my friends, for those wonderful titles.


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