Poor’s fate.

What is my fault

Is it my fate?

It appears that while Prince of Words, in his vacation away from Kingdom of Ark, is swimming with mermaids in the sea of Taos, the King of Words has attacked the earth and we are collecting the debris of words left behind. This is what we collected last night:

Poor’s Fate

Poor are suffering humans are discovering;
Poor are hungry, humans are angry;
Poor are shivering, humans have discarded rags;
Poor want food, humans are surviving mood;
Poor want to speak, humans do speech;Poor want to rise, humans repel uprising;
Poor want to live, humans test medicine,
Poor want to cry, humans have the decree;
Poor want to crawl, humans fly the Boeing;
Poor want the right, humans weigh the might;
Poor want place to sleep, humans have the apnea;
Poor want to live, humans have the survival;
Poor want health, humans have laboratories;
Poor want rights, humans have votes;
Poor are the black, human abolish racism;
Poor suffer caste, human abolish castism.
Poor in bondage, humans abolish bondism;
Poor are poor, humans abolished poverty;
Poor have bowls, humans have soup, coins and charity;
Poor’s opportune to beg, humans not meddle;
Flights to moon, shuttle to mars,
Poor have to wait, humans are busy;
Poor’s misery, humans tell, that is fate.

© Sandeep Bhalla

P.S.: (added on 22.10.2013)
Compassion felt through the intellectual faculty of reasoning is same as barbarianism rationalised as a Flag or symbol. Both are illusions of mind.

10 thoughts on “Poor’s fate.

  1. Am still mulling this over. I “feel” too much which is why I have retreated to this cognitive citadel. But this citadel is currently besieged by the relentless demons of the heart. Damn them!


  2. “Prince of Words” is back in his Kingdom and was touched by this poem. Wow! You have a real heart and it is touching to have met you and know that you are daily offering that heart in your Kingdom. What you have written here just wrenches my guts. Thanks.


      • It sounded caring and insightful and it appeals to me. The line near the end “Poor have to wait, humans are busy” is particularly poetic to my ears.

        One can say that the poor will always be with us, but it is better to help and better not to tread their faces in the dirt.


      • The problem is that it is them. It is not. My point is that I was am afraid to help any poor and they are afraid to accept. Our world is squint.
        I read wordsworth on Friday evening and I know it will keep pushing me to do what he could not.
        There are at least two more.
        Sorry, thought is a whirlpool. All near take the spin.
        My apologies if I offend.


      • Sorry that was *governance. My question was how is the governance in North of Britain. Colonial subjects were treated inferior to English subjects. How fair are they to Scottish and Irish.


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