Poor’s fate.

What is my fault

Is it my fate?

It appears that while Prince of Words, in his vacation away from Kingdom of Ark, is swimming with mermaids in the sea of Taos, the King of Words has attacked the earth and we are collecting the debris of words left behind. This is what we collected last night:

Poor’s Fate

Poor are suffering humans are discovering;
Poor are hungry, humans are angry;
Poor are shivering, humans have discarded rags;
Poor want food, humans are surviving mood;
Poor want to speak, humans do speech; Continue reading

Rain: the primary elixir of life!


It finally rained today. Summer is skin drying in here. Monsoon, the ethereal, rain-god of weather sciences, was expected to show in New Delhi on 18. We wonder if the right label for the rain is Monsoon or pre-monsoon. Anyway, it started to drizzle at about noon. Unlike the typical start of rainy season, it was a mature shower. Slow but steady.

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The sticky belief and disbelief!

A Story by O Henry; A Cosmopolitan in a Cafe:

“My cosmopolite was named E. Rushmore Coglan, and he will be heard from next summer at Coney Island. He is to establish a new “attraction” there, he informed me, offering kingly diversion. And then his conversation rang along parallels of latitude and longitude. He took the great, round world in his hand, so to speak, familiarly, contemptuously, and it seemed no larger than the seed of a Maraschino cherry in a table d’hôte grape fruit. He spoke disrespectfully of the equator, he skipped from continent to continent, he derided the zones, he mopped up the high seas with his napkin. With a wave of his hand he would speak of a certain bazaar in Hyderabad. Whiff! He would have you on skis in Lapland. Zip! Now you rode the breakers with the Kanakas at Kealaikahiki. Presto! He dragged you through an Arkansas post-oak swamp, let you dry for a moment on the alkali plains of his Idaho ranch, then whirled you into the society of Viennese archdukes. Anon he would be telling you of a cold he acquired in a Chicago lake breeze and how old Escamila cured it in Buenos Ayres with a hot infusion of the chuchula weed. You would have addressed a letter to “E. Rushmore Coglan, Esq., the Earth, Solar System, the Universe,” and have mailed it, feeling confident that it would be delivered to him. Continue reading

Searching for human on earth!

IMG_20130325_140120First contact with human race!

It is a different story as to how I landed on earth but the problem is that I was supposed to meet and relate to a race called ‘Humans’. I am here for a very long time looking for the species called ‘Humans’ but no success, so far.
Female specie: I met a female specie but could not discover if she was human. She insists on being female and does not event pretend to be human. She follows variety of religious practices which makes it difficult to know of her religion. Similarly there is no way to know if she is a human. After all no one could suspect me either and simply presume me as Hindu/Muslim/Sikh/Christian/Jew only because I look like them. Nobody suspect that I am an alien.

Searching for Human:

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A visit to heaven?

Green meadows(A short story)
Spirituality is often a blue print to ascend to heaven. While I retired to bed comfortably and fell asleep, I had not anticipated that I shall wake up in heaven. But that is what happened
The air was pure. Landscape in its pristine green with bushes of flowers all around. Chirping birds seem to be playing to discreet composer. Sun was bright but pleasing.
It smelled like spring, felt like summer and soothing as winter.
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