Dongri to Dubai: a review.

This is a book in non-fiction category and is claimed to be a chronicle of underworld criminals in Bombay/Mumbai. While writing style and language is good yet I could not continue beyond 50 pages. The book resembled more to criminal gossip magazines which base their stories on versions of police or complaints to police. However in this book that reference is also missing. It appears to be entirely heresy except a few pictures borrowed from retired police officer. There are no sources mentioned except the one interview of Dawood Ibrahim. Detailed credentials of Mr. Zaidi and vouch safe introduction by a Police Commissioner does not convert it into a research paper from an apparent tenor of gossip. Writing style was fair. Mr. Zaidi must write a ‘true’ fiction some day. Book may have some attraction to adolescents but nothing more.
I decided to quit this book after reading 50 or so pages. One can profitably watch many Hindi movies made on the subject in last four decades, with better script.

Dawood Ibrahim

Dawood Ibrahim (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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