Vegetarian's recovery after Viral/Typhoid fever etc.

Fevers are like a war. Body tissues suffer like buildings while white and red blood cells take the beating like soldiers. Once fever subsides, the fatigue which follows is some time worse than the war itself. Having faced numerous such health wars, it is now not difficult to chart out the vegetarian food that should be taken and avoided respectively to facilitate quick recovery. Presently a friend needs a few tips, hence this post.

Classification of food:

Food can be classified, loosely in four categories: cereals (carbohydrates), vitamins (green vegetables), protein (lentils and grams etc.) and vitamins or vital minerals (fruits and herbs etc.).


In case of post ailment fatigue, the whole body is sluggish including stomach. Digestive system is as much under fatigue as the rest of body. It is this reason, the fruit is the first choice. Fruits are rich in glucose and minerals. Besides the fruits’ enzymes are extremely helpful in digestion.


Given a choice, I shall start the day with Raw Coconut water and cream of raw kernal to hydrate the system. Followed by easily available banana for its potassium and sugar. More water thereafter, for hydration. Tea etc. can wait.


Now idea is to nourish the body without punishing the digestive system. Therefore quantity of cereals must be kept small. Coarse cereals especially those like porridge should be avoided in first few days.


Either Indian Cheese called Paneer can follow as breakfast. Microwave it for a minute after adding salt, black pepper and roasted cumin seed powder and it is ready. A serving of 100 gms. at a time is a good choice. If available soybean cheese or Tofu can also be used but do not micro wave it. It has to be boiled for a minute or so.

The above can be followed by an Apple or any other fruit. It would be advisable to have six small meals with gap of two hours rather the usual two or three meals.


Boiled rice after straining the water with any lentil soup (Dal) would be a good choice to alternate between lunch and dinner with Curd and Yogurt or lemon. Another good choice is boiled sprouts or boiled Bengal Gram (Kala Chana) as additional source of Protein. An early dinner at 7 PM  would be good choice to be followed by late supper.

Vegetables are store house of minerals

Spinach, beat root, carrots, tomatoes, beans and all or any green vegetables can be thoroughly boiled. Let it simmer for an hour. Add water if required. Its strained liquid/soup shall supply the body with vital vitamins to regulate the system. Two cups of more of such soup at least twice daily is highly recommended between other meals.

Drink plenty of water and sanitate the system thoroughly for the medicines left over in the body are no longer needed and must be flushed out.


A glass of Milk with very sweet cookies would take bitterness not only out of mouth but also out of mind. That would be preferable supper.

So far I can remember this much. I shall add more ASAP. All the best. Quick recovery.

Please share your views.

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