Vegetarian's recovery after Viral/Typhoid fever etc.

Fevers are like a war. Body tissues suffer like buildings while white and red blood cells take the beating like soldiers. Once fever subsides, the fatigue which follows is some time worse than the war itself. Having faced numerous such health wars, it is now not difficult to chart out the vegetarian food that should be taken and avoided respectively to facilitate quick recovery. Presently a friend needs a few tips, hence this post.

Classification of food:

Food can be classified, loosely in four categories: cereals (carbohydrates), vitamins (green vegetables), protein (lentils and grams etc.) and vitamins or vital minerals (fruits and herbs etc.).

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Consciousness, sleep, dreams and thinking!

Problem of pondering:

He was sitting in chair with eyes closed. No sound of snoring or palpable nostrils. I looked closely but no rapid eye moment was visible. He was not dreaming. Television was blaring news. It continued for about ten minutes, when I made a noise. ‘When you came? Was I asleep?’ was the response. He was not asleep. Just in deep thought. So when are we actually asleep or awake?
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Living in butter chicken capital aka New Delhi!

It is springs time in New Delhi. Flowers are everywhere. Bloom is overwhelming. Night is pleasantly cool. Morning sun is also pleasing. No sign of winter except when chilly winds blow but that too is limited to few occasions in the day.

Springs 2013 in NewDelhi

Springs 2013 in New Delhi

Prison of lifestyle:

New Delhi is not just political capital of India, it is ‘Butter Chicken‘ Capital of the world. The outbreak of swine flu at many places in India, does not matter.  Butter Chicken is the most popular non vegetarian delicacy which is full of fat. As a vegetarian I may like to call Delhi as ‘Chole Bhature‘ capital but that is not possible because there is no possibility of addiction to ‘Chole Bhature’ even if that is the most popular vegetarian dish or lunch in New Delhi. Butter Chicken is generally the dinner delicacy. And it now appears to be addictive.

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Achilles Heel, Pain in bottom of heel, Patience, Treatment and Solution in lifestyle

Day one: Start of pain.

It started all of a sudden. While I got off the car as a healthy person, after walking away a few yards, a pain hit from under the bottom of left heel and every step thereafter became an effort to walk. The steps became smaller and slower.
Once inside, I took off the shoe and it was relief. Walking, bare foot, neither relieved the pain nor the limp but It did reduce the extent of pain, some how.
Next four hours, while I was busy on my chair, with feet rested on the support under the table, there was not much pain. However in the evening, the walk back was not easy. I believed that pain will go away soon.
Upon reaching home the first thing was to arrange a bucket of warm water and dip my feet rather calves into it for next one hour. It was relieving. Dinner with two shots of Vodka made it all disappear and I enjoyed the evening stroll after dinner albeit with some struggle, only to discover that it was foolish.

Day two: Acute and chronic pain

Next morning it was clear that something serious has hit. Getting into slippers was easy but to stand up in wooden foot which aches, was not easy. Any how, limping and dragging the foot seem to be the option and I complied. So what to do?
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Solution to prevent Dengue fever occurring every year in New Delhi

Dengue Virus

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Every year, there is an outbreak of Dengue, in New Delhi and northern India. The Municipal Authorities assure, every year that the situation is in control but every year many persons lose their life. What is wrong with the approach of municipal authorities. Are they doing enough or they do not know what to do. No doubt, in India it is not epidemic as in many other countries like Singapore and Thailand etc. About three billion people are affected by dengue all over world. Can this be a reason for not dealing with problem efficiently. It appears that it is a time to approach the problem from a different perspective. First a background about Dengue.

What is Dengue:

Symptoms of Dengue reflect as a fever. Other symptoms include headache, muscle and joint pains, and a characteristic skin rash that is similar to measles. It is an infectious tropical disease caused by the dengue virus.  In a small proportion of cases the disease develops into the life-threatening dengue hemorrhagic fever, resulting in bleeding, low levels of blood platelets and blood plasma leakage, or fall in blood platelet where dangerously low blood pressure manifest into heart failure resulting death. Continue reading