China is Watching: Ministers to Mayors, sarpanches, and legislators to Members of Parliament; reports Indian Express

According to a report published in Indian Express, “China is Watching: From Ministers to Mayors, sarpanches, and legislators to Members of Parliament, the database includes at least 1,350 politicians and lawmakers across parties.”

The news is interesting as it is a fact that every country through it’s intelligence keeps a watch on influencial people in other countries and there is nothing unusual about it. But look at timing of this news item.

Who is editor of Indian Express:

Seema Chishti is the editor of Indian Express newspaper. She is wife of Sita Ram Yechury, the leader of Communist Party of India. See their picture below:

riots in Delhi, 2020:

Yesterday Sita Ram Yechury has been named in a supplementary chargesheet filed by the Delhi Police in one of the cases related to the February riots in Northeast Delhi .

The chargesheet had been filed against members of Pinjra Tod activists Natasha Narwal and Devangana Kalita, and student activist Gulfisha Fatima.

However, the Delhi Police later clarified later that Yechury, Yadav, Ghosh, Roy and Apoorvanand featured in the chargesheet only because some of the accused had mentioned them in their disclosure statements but these persons are not arraigned as accused.

Is this news item just a co-incidence?
Is this news which has been wrapped up by every news portal, aimed to diffuse the other news about Yechury?

Please share your views.

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