Joe Biden too joins in China bashing over Tibet.

Presidential candidate Joe Biden from the Democratic Party in the US condemned China’s plan to increase control over Tibet, saying that if he comes to power his administration will ban Chinese officials responsible for human rights violations in Tibet .

You too Brutus oops Biden!!

Last week Biden said, ‘My administration will ban Chinese officials responsible for human rights violations in Tibet and will also include the Tibet Language Service in Radio Free Asia and Voice of America radio services so that the world’s information can reach the people of Tibet. Along with this, many other steps will be taken in support of the people of Tibet.

Biden said he would meet the Dalai Lama when he becomes president and appoint a new special coordinator for Tibet affairs and insisted that the Chinese government restore access to American citizens, including American diplomats and journalists, to Tibet.

Last week the Chinese government announced plans to expand control over Tibet, under which human rights violations with the people of Tibet may continue and their religious freedom and dignity may continue to be violated. Taking this into account, Biden said that this is Beijing’s recent attempt to crush the specific culture, language and beliefs of ethnic minorities in Tibet.

“While (President Donald) Trump has turned his back on the people of Tibet, the Biden-Harris administration will stand up for him,” Biden said. Biden accused the Trump administration of having a weak policy towards China.

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