CAA, NRC, NPR and Congress Politics behind it.

Good Politics or Bad Politics:

So finally the rioting has stopped. Yesterday was Friday yet no stone pelting and no burning of vehicles took place. In Bulandshahar Muslim clergy come forward and paid for the damage caused to public property. At other at other places the process of recovery of damages is on. A large number of rioters are in prison.

Last 10 days were days of turmoil in BJP ruled states in the Central India. Last 10 days have seen many political moves both on the left and right of the spectrum. Who was playing good politics and who was playing bad politics?

It all started with election type rally and speech by congress party whose official slogan was save India but it it was visibly save Gandhi family party.

In 1947 India was partitioned as Jinnah led Muslim league was killing people (read non Muslims) on the streets and threatened to kill more. Gandhi and Jinnah accepted partition in the hope that there shall be peace.

For six years we have seen a period of relative calm (even in no-go zones). Now the Jihad is back. It is Jihad because the hate speech against Hinduism and its symbols as visible in one picture posted above.

It doesn’t matter what is the cause. The real cause is hatred and violence is the habit. In every city there were protest in those zones what are called as mini-pakistan by the rest of population. Thereafter the protestors turn rioters.

It all started with the lie that Government of India has passed a law by which citizenship of all Muslims in India has been taken away. Of course such a rumour is upsetting enough to cause wide protests. But protestors knew nothing about the law and they enforced the rumour that something is wrong. Actor Farhan Akhtar status on camera that when so many people are protesting there must be something wrong about the law. (As regards the law read here)

Come Friday prayer time and riot started. This is the screenshot of the question I asked to my daughter on 20th December:

I will not place much of the blame on the shoulders of the poor and illiterates who has been kept as vote banks by its own clergy and the politicians.

But the question now is: Has the Congress Party played its last card?

True colours of a person are shown when the chips are down. In 2014 congress party got 17 crore or 170 million votes. This time in 2019 it got 10 crore or 100 million votes. The ruling BJP increase its vote share from 30 crore to 37 crores or 370 million. If votes of allies of BJP are also added it will reach 45 crores or 450 million. The total number of votes which were polled was 60 crores or 600 million.

Thus Congress Party’s loss of 7 crore became BJP’s gain of 7 crore.

At the time of partition in 1947 there was a political party called Muslim league which advocated the partition of the country on religious lines. As its name suggest it was representing only Muslims. After partition we all know what happened to Muslims in Pakistan. Sunni’s are killing Ahmadi and Shia. Division is also on account of Civilization lines. Thus Urdu speaking are called mohajirs and Punjabi Muslims discriminate them. It is alleged that general Pervez Musharraf has been sentenced to death with humiliation because he is a muhajir.

Is Congress party now positioning itself as a Muslim party? Even bigger question is will Muslims trust Congress Party after it has caused them so much fear and suffering.

The muslim religious leaders have realised the lies. Mainstream media is running its propaganda machine. There are videos on social media in which Muslim imam and others are apologizing for the misbehaviour of the young and naive. Is this contriteness genuine or mere tactical retreat?

In any case it appears to me that’s Congress Party has committed a self goal with this move and is continuing to do this by spreading rumours about census and National Population register. It is playing right into the hands of BJP who is is perhaps luring it to comit more self goals. It is the same pattern which is continuing for past about 7 years if not more.

Congress party reminds me of federalist party of United States of America. Corrupt, inefficient, shameless aligned with criminals. Is it going to meet the same fate of extinction?

Maybe I think too much.

Please share your views.

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