Religious naturalism

By whatever named called!

Religious naturalism is an approach to spirituality that is devoid of supernaturalism. The focus is on the religious attributes of the universe/Nature, the understanding of it and our response to it (interpretive, spiritual and moral). These provide for the development of an eco-morality [1]. Interest is growing in this modern but not well defined movement that has an ancient heritage in many philosophical cultures [2]. Theistic or non-theistic religious naturalism is a basic theological perspective of liberal religion and religious humanism.[3]

Religious naturalism is concerned about the meaning of life, but it is equally interested in living daily life in a rational, happy way. An alternative, more human-centric approach, is to look at it as answering the question: “What is the meaning of one’s life and does it have a purpose?”. It is an approach to understanding the natural world in a religious way and does not offer a detailed system of beliefs or rituals.[4]. Religious naturalism also attempts to amalgamate the scientific examination of reality with the subjective sensory experiences of spirituality and aesthetics. As such, it is an objectivity with religious emotional feelings and the aesthetic insights supplied by art, music and literature. (Religious naturalism – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.)

Just another compromise of words to say that God exists but we will call it by nature or by another name. The wastage of energy on the choice of word that unifies everything in the Universe, is ridiculous. For me I can start calling it the unifying factor or UF. It does not matter to him or me.

© Sandeep Bhalla

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