The Monk who dismissed the Campaign of Media Mafia

The Monk vs. Media

Yogi Adityanath is monk and is Chief Minister of State of Uttar Pradesh as member of BJP, the ruling party. Had this State been a country, it would have been fifth largest country with population of 23 Crore (230 million).

The BJP and its allies have won 67 out of 75 seats of zila panchayat chairpersons. These are Rural Local Government Election which belies earlier claims that the BJP was a net loser in Panchayat Election held before the second wave of Covid. Zila panchayat chiefs are elected from among the elected members of zila panchayats. One interesting fact about these elections is that these were conducted by ballot papers and electric EVM were not used.

The fake media campaign flops.

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The aggravated virus of violence in human mind.

Human mind is a mystery. It’s belief system is even more mysterious. Human mind’s blindness to the obvious is even greater mystery. Our ability to read history and learn any lesson from it is at the most palpable. The lust for power of the few is obvious and rest following them to their graves is perplexing. The story of magician playing flute in the streets of Venice to take away rats or children seems fictional even when the scene is playing right before our eyes and people come on streets to demand something which is impossible and end is a fall from cliff.

Human civilization can not be turned backward. Some pockets can be taken to the past but now the demand is to return to the dark ages. An era of supremacy of one community identified by religion. Politicians in their lust for power without responsibility promote this politics of identity. They refuse to see that the France which is under attack by these religious leaders was once friendly towards Capital of terrorism aka Pakistan.

Silence of lambs and foxes:

While people are beheaded in France and a girl is cold bloodily shot dead in broad day light in Vallabhgarh, India nobody comes forward to condemn the killings. When Kamlesh Tiwari was beheaded in Lucknow for alleged blasphemy. When terror organization use religious names for their organization, there is no condemnation. When members of political party i.e. BJP are killed in Kashmir by Islamic terrorist and in Kerala by communists and in Chhatisgarh Maoist kill Congress party, there is silence. Complete silence. This reminds me of following extract from the story called The Adventure of Silver Blaze by Sir Arthur Conan Doyale:

“Gregory (Scotland Yard detective): Is there any other point to which you would wish to draw my attention?
Holmes: To the curious incident of the dog in the night-time.
Gregory: The dog did nothing in the night-time.
Holmes: That was the curious incident.”

Beheading and victim card.

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U.P. election 2017: The gamble that it was.

Analyzing election results.

Uttar Pradesh or U.P. in short, which literally means ‘Northern Province’, has finally got a new BJP Government with Yogi Adityanath as its Chief Minister. BJP won and all the rest lost including media which had  predicted BJP a distant third. But the results raise a few unanswered questions.

Unanswered questions:

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