Why blog? Why follow blogging tips and Blog Guru?


Blog is understandably short name (portmanteau) for weblog. In other words it is a daily journal or diary. Few weeks back a blogger compared his blogging to ‘defecating in public.’ It must be very simple and automatic affair for him. To me, as I said earlier, it is a diary of my synthesised thoughts. It is a store house of useful links, pictures, ideas, knowledge and people. It is not constant. It keeps changing.
Since my perception about various things can be wrong, these posts are an invitation to correction. Knowledge is another name for information and it gets obsolete every moment.
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Microsoft Closing Live Spaces, Sending Bloggers to WordPress

Success and failure

Microsoft has officially announced that it’s closing its blogging platform, Live Spaces, and there will be no replacement rising from the ashes. Instead, users attempting to create a new Live Space blog will be directed to WordPress, and the 30 million existing customers will be able to export their existing blog into the new WordPress platform. Spaces will close its doors in March 2011 (via: Microsoft Closing Live Spaces, Sending Bloggers to WordPress.)

Tycoons take up ventures believing they can do anything. The truth is otherwise. Success in one venture does not ensure success in all.