Goodbye with thanks to blog and staff.

Migrating from to self-hosted blog.

A parting message:

It is going to be slightly less than 4 years, since I started using A fairly easy to use software but to migrate to self hosted site is another ball game. In last that many year there never was any problem at all. Great maintenance job. After migrating to self hosting, I realize that it is brazen forest out there with wild ferocious creatures out on a hunt. But I will survive. I hope so.

The goodbyes are rarely pleasant but in this case, the wordpress staff deserve credit. So far there was no difficulty. The help was great. I only wish if estranged couple could divorce or separate like wordpress does!!! (My professional brethren would curse me for that wish)

But that is life. All the right things happen at wrong or less deserving places. But this step was necessary for SEO limitation in this free version.

All the kind subscribers, whether they read my posts in full or less, would continue to get updates, if they opted from their dashboard, from the new self hosted blog.

All are invited to new home of 

Sandeep Bhalla’s blog.

The old domain will also take to the above link.

Those interested in law may visit where idea is to present law in human readable form.

PS.: I will right about migration of Blog. If some one needs it ping me somewhere to hurry. The information on searching the google is in truncated pieces and quite out of date.

Tinydesk for iphone: review

Blogging by Tinydesk for iPhone

Tinydesk is forum secular blogging tool. It claims to be able to connect to most of blogging sites like wordpress and blogger etc. but it is not able to connect to self hosted sites. So far I have not been able to find any solution for self hosted site except to post through email or install jetpack from wordpress.

Regarding Tinydesk, though it is good enough but often it publishes even when selection is to save as draft. Further if it is a published post (even if uploaded as a draft) it is not able to edit it. Which means once published it is final.

But not so final. Often a post is saved/uploaded several times. Of course it happens only when we press save several times but why? I do not know.

As it happened, while I was saving this article, it got published with title without any text and thereafter I could not edit it. Still exploring Tinydesk and shall revert if I missed something.

WordPress two way authentiction problem

For last two days I was locked out of WordPress on my mobile and other devices after I enabled two-way authentication, as was suggested by its message on Dashboard. Perhaps it has some bug there. Only today when I logged in from usual machine, it asked for ‘Google Validator’ code and there was no problem in logging in. At first opportunity, I have disabled the feature because as stated above, none of mobile devices were able to log in for last two days.
It appears that while two way aauthentication is a good feature and now a standard feature used on credit cards but on word-press it still need to be fine tuned so as not to disable mobile devices.
BTW, I had used the ‘Google Validator’ for the first time and it looked like magic. Randomly generating number after number. Let’s see and watch, how things pan out.


Maya: The enchanting illusion of blogging.

Maya is a Sanskrit word which is often used in Hindu Mythology and scriptures to define the phenomenon called ‘the World.’ A variety of translations or interpretation of this word exist and are being propounded. It however appears to me that real meaning of word ‘Maya’ is ‘enchanting illusion.’ To explain it is an illusion which not only look real but appear to be there when it is not. A kind of backward Mirage of past, extending into present. To exemplify, the Blogging efforts made by some bloggers.

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WordPress for Android is a mess.

WordPress for Android 2.3 had limited capability but it had no bug. However the WordPress for Android 4.04 is a pain in a*#. It is unable to show local draft. It can not upload pictures. Even if it uploads, it is unable to create proper link. Worse it does not know how to update itself. It has messed with published posts and removed some. I received a phone call from a friend that where is that post of Saturday and as I saw it was gone. I had a draft in Blackberry which I republished.
Unless a person is compulsive gambler, or a complete loser, one should stay away from this app.
Few things can be done from browser though it is awkward.
I am removing the app. immediately.

© Sandeep Bhalla