Happy Lohri 2013: Warmest Lohri Day in years

Deceptive winter

Winter which descended with a bang on Christmas 2012, seems to have stealth its way out with a spoof. For last five days, here in New Delhi, temperature is consistently rising. Today it is comparable to Sydney, Australia. It is said that temperature all over Asia is unusually high as part of environmental upheaval. First there was absence of dust storm in New Delhi, during summer. Then there was unusual heavy rain on Dashahra/Vijaydashmi Day. It never rains in Oct-Nov but this year it did. Now this warm Lohiri. Any way:


Lohri bonfire burning.

Whatever the temperature, the bonfire would be lit and enjoyed even if we have to pull out half sleeve shirts and knickers from the closet or to postpone it from early evening to early night.  Life goes on.

© Sandeep Bhalla

Winter has frozen my thoughts!


Winter is finally here. Temperature made some lows recently. No statistical upheaval. New Delhi is quiet today after agitation for past many days. Every locality has burnt its share of candles. Now it seems to be time for prayers.
The sun is brightest today. May be after a whole week. My thoughts seem to have started to melt. Or may be I was lost in so many warm clothes or quilts that I could not write anything. A lazy week. Warm bath and warm food were the only eventful things. It is a five-hour day now. See this dog in sweater:

Dog in sweaterThe brightness of Sun is only to entice me out. I am trying. But in a few days, another snow fall on the hills and the New Year will greet with chills.
Meanwhile let’s take it easy. Nothing is going to be same even if nothing changes at all.

© Sandeep Bhalla