Corona Vaccine produce law suits and counter suits even before its launch

The Serum Institute of India (SII) is being sued.

A volunteer engaged for the trial of Corona vaccine has sued SII seeking damages of Rs 5 crore from SII. Accordiing to the legal notice the 40-year-old male volunteer developed serious neurological impairment after the under-trial vaccine was administered to him.

Yesterday Serum Institute (SII) counter-sued the aforesaid volunteer (who developed an adverse event following the administration of the Oxford vaccine in a late-stage trial in India) SII has termed the volunteer’s legal notice “malicious and misconceived” and it sought “damages in excess of Rs 100 crore” for maligning the reputation of the company.

SII had not made any public disclosure:

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Do not fear, Cold Chain is here.

Cold Chain is not a big problem in India:

Rumours are spread by the media in India and abroad that India is a big and poor country. How will it manage Cold Chain required for preserving the Vaccine? Is this misinformation aimed at creating panic? There are no easy answers. But India does not have this problem.

Requirement of Cold Chain:

It is true that all the vaccines Pfizer-BioNTech, Sputnik-V and Moderna require a temperature of anywhere between minus 18 degrees to minus 90 degrees Celsius, except for the vaccine being developed by Oxford University-AstraZeneca, which can be stored in normal household refrigerators with a temperature range of 2 degrees to 8 degrees Celsius.

As usual the media has being crying hoarse that poor India does not have capability of cold chain required for transportation of vaccine.

Cold Chain capability of India:

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Bye bye cancer

A day can not have a better off start on a summer day, if it starts with a cool breeze followed by short spell of shower. You forget nothing to pick. You have news that tablets are getting cheaper and every user would soon be under surveillance like every mobile user in the world and no body will lie about his/her location. And that this haunting menace ‘Cancer’ can finally be tackled. I hope it is not just a gimmick announcement but a fact. Read on:

A vaccine that kills 90% of cancers using the body’s natural defense mechanisms could be widely available within six years, scientists say. Experts say the treatment has already freed patients of the disease after just two doses. They hope the treatment could provide a universal injection to help millions of sufferers fight a range of cancers, including those of the breast and prostate. The vaccine ImMucin works by triggering the immune system to seek out and destroy tumors, the Daily Express reported. Cancer cells often flourish because they are not seen as a threat by the body ?” unlike bacteria or viruses. But the new vaccine uses a molecule called MUC1, found in 90% of cancers, to train the immune system to recognize the rogue cells. Scientists have found that by injecting the right level of MUC1 it can also trigger the body to fight them. (extracted from

Do not ask about the hot day but evening ended with another spell of cool shower may be accompanied by noisy thunder. Good bye yesterday. Meet again someday with better news.