Ignorance to lifestyle related health problems!


Health (Photo credit: 401(K) 2012)

Sleep is a big healer but physical exercise is a precondition for good sleep as also for proper movement of limbs. Working 14x7x350 is the worse than slavery. It is unfortunate that we have accepted that routine health problems should be treated with medicine which does nothing but to hide or postpone real problem. Medicine is no healer. It can not accelerate growth in tired tissues/cells. Only right sleep has ability to regenerate tired tissues or cells in the body.

Entertaining distant relative

We recently had a distant relative as visiting guest. Though the visitor was healthy, there were many things which were being ignored. While money is  important but how can we justify it at the cost of health? This another short story is, another example of not having time for ourselves i.e. health.

About the visitor

Martian visitor is a hard-working person and very proud of working so hard. Continue reading