Boris Johnson beats Corbyn in UK elections!

What UK elections meant to the world:

The election in UK was more than a contest of personalities as media wanted to make it. The left leaning media in UK tried best to lampoon Boris but it remained unsuccessful.

As it turns out the precise and positive campaign of Boris won over ambiguous and ambivalent election campaign of corbyn.

As in United States or India earlier, now in UK, the left parties are in shambles. The Labour party in UK has few lessons to learn from this election. In fact all leftist parties can learn from elections in all the three countries.

Left leaning parties which started off representing massive working class are today completely out of touch with ground realities. Leftist leaders are more capitalist then the Bill Gates or Warren Buffett. While the latter two gentleman, travel in economy class, the left liberal travel in private jets.

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How American economy flourished and British Majesty humbled.

History is a strange subject. It generally deals with facts but more often steers clear of the whole truth. After all it reflects consensus opinion of one generation about the events of past generation. The assertion that the history is stated to be fable narrated by victor is an exaggeration. This statement ignores the fact that political history, which is study of wars for power, often rewards losers differently and heroes of wars endure what they had not foreseen. The victories in wars become stair to future defeat.
Second world war was no different. While there have been so much written, depicted and imagined in all sort of mediums, one thought has not been explored. What would have happened if Hitler had accepted the peace proposal of Churchill and more so honoured it? And if answer was to be yes, who would have financed the war against Hitler, in that scenario? Would Germany and UK had become two super powers? Continue reading