Relince fraud — CDMA Tab

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Last year around Diwali, Reliance Communications had launched its 3g Tab priced at Rs.12,999. What it willfully concealed that this tab was GSM as well as CDMA, as is apparent from its brochure as also the settings option inside the tab. But Reliance Communications, like other communication companies in India, is least consumer friendly. Misleading consumers for its marketing strategy, causes no ripples in its board room nor affect the poise of its illustrious chairman. At the launch of CDMA it is claimed:

” The 7-inch capacitive touch screen Tab with Android 2.3 OS (operating system) from Reliance Communications comes with a 512 MB RAM and micro SD external storage. Weighing 397 gram, it has a 2 MP rear camera and a front camera. The company, which launched 3G Tab last year, is offering a free 4 GB SD card with the CDMA version. The device supports up to 32 GB storage. The CDMA Tab was, on Monday, launched in Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Pune. (See

All the above features are the same as in the Tab launched as 3g. In fact the tab is Sim locked as against the carrier lock which means that the Sim on which the tab is activated is the only Sim on which it will work. In fact the Reliance by misleading the people as well as Competition Commission by showing the same product as two different products, has successfully committed the unfair trade practice which is not permissible in law. All this while Competition Commission of India and TRAI are found napping.

Duty of Telecom Service Provider in India

(As framed by TRAI)
5.Time limit for redressal of grievance of consumers by Call
Centres.—–(1) Every service provider, falling in clause (a) or clause (b) of
sub-regulation (3) of regulation 1, shall, without prejudice to the time
limits or periods specified in the Regulation on Quality of Service of
Basic and Cellular Mobile Telephone Services, 2005 dated the 1st July,
2005 (11 of 2005) and the Quality of Service of Broadband Service
Regulations 2006 dated the 6th October, 2006 (11 of 2006), address the
request or redress the grievances of its consumers, within the time
limits or periods, and, in respect of matters or parameters, specified in
the Schedule.
(2) In a case—
(a) where no parameter or time limit, relating to fault or disruption of
service or disconnection of service, has been specified in the Schedule, all
complaints relating to
such fault or disruption of service or
disconnection of service shall be redressed within three days from the
date of registration of complaint;
(b) where no parameter or time limit has been specified in these
regulations or any other regulations made under the Act for redressal of
any grievance, all such complaints shall be redressed within seven days
from the date of registration of complaint;
(c) where lesser time limit has been specified by any other law for the
time being in force or other regulations made under the Act or by the
licensor or by the service provider for redressal of grievance, the Call
Centres shall redress the grievances of the consumer within such
specified time.
(As framed by TRAI)

21. Providing usage details in respect to Pre-paid mobile connections. – (1) Every service provider, falling in clause (a) or clause(b) of sub-regulation (3) of regulation 1, shall, on request from any consumer, who has been provided pre-paid mobile connection, supply such consumer, at a reasonable cost, the information relating to the itemized usage charges showing actual service usage details in terms of all call data records including value added services, premium rate services and roaming charges, and their monetary value.(2) Every service provider, referred to in sub-regulation (1), shall provide the information referred to in sub-regulation (1) for any period falling in preceding six months immediately preceding the month in which the request has been made by the consumer under the said sub-regulation.(3) For the purposes of sub-regulation (1), the “reasonable cost” means the cost or price not exceeding rupees fifty, or the cost or price payable by the post paid consumers of the same service provider for obtaining the information referred to in sub-regulation (1), or cost or price payable in accordance with the terms and conditions of licence of such service provider, whichever is lowest.

More such measure can be found at:

A handbook issued by TRAI for awareness of consumers can be found here:

Reliance Communication does not follow any Regulations.