Copyright evolves into Textright

Traditional copy right which is re-affirmed and recognized by Digital Millennium Copyright Act has a new fall out: The International Standard Text Code (ISTC)

ISTC is a numbering system for the unique identification of text-based works; the term “work” can refer to any content appearing in conventional printed books, audio-books, static e-books or enhanced digital books, as well as content which might appear in a newspaper or journal. The ISTC provides a system with a method of automatically linking together publications of the “same content” and/or “related content”, thus improving discoverability of products and efficiencies. An ISTC number is the link between a user’s search for a piece of content and the ultimate sale or loan of a publication.(See

Any text-based content can be registered with the ISTC which shall act as the ‘Textright’ enabling detection of copyright violation on the Internet.