Undeclared terror attack on New Delhi camouflaged as riots.

My conspiracy theory:

It started about two years ago in 2018 when a terror module was busted in western U.P. resulting in recovery of large number of guns, explosives, IEDs, timers etc. What was its connection with New Delhi? Most of the persons who were picked up by National Intelligence Agency handling terrorism in India, were residents of Jafrabad New Delhi. See this old tweet:

ANI (@ANI) Tweeted:
IG NIA: Searches have been conducted in Delhi’s Seelampur and UP’s Amroha, Hapur, Meerut and Lucknow. Large quantities of explosive material, weapons and ammunition including a country made rocket launcher have been recovered so far. https://t.co/y3eh1D4IiK (https://twitter.com/ANI/status/1077880340709019648?s=20)

In past about 3 or 4 days 50 to 70 policemen are admitted into hospital with bullet shot wounds. Gunshot injury is very rare as guns are not easily available to general public. There are also reports that in past few months police have intercepted smuggling of guns from neighbouring state into Delhi. See this tweet:

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