Teachings for teacher

A friend has sent me the following text, which is the part of a letter written by Abraham Lincoln to the headmaster of the school where Lincoln’s son was studying. (In this letter Abraham Lincoln is requesting / guiding the headmaster what to teach to his son in the school.) The friend has asked for my comments.

The letter of Abraham Lincoln

“HE WILL HAVE TO LEARN, I know that all men are not just, all men are not true. But teach him also that for every scoundrel there is a hero; that for every selfish politician, there is a dedicated leader…….Teach him that for every enemy there is a friend. It will take time, I know; but teach him, if you can that a dollar earned is of far more value than five found…teach him to learn to lose…and also to enjoy winning. Steer him away from envy, if you can, teach him the secret of quite laughter. Let him learn early that the bullies are the earliest to lick……Teach him, if you can, the wonder of books…but also give him quite some time to ponder the external mystery of birds in the sky, bees in the sun and flowers on the green hillside. Continue reading

Education by homework and private coaching culture

Educator should be more educated than the educatee/pupil. Shouldn’t? Well in real life the educator could be imbecile. The way things are done, in India, in all spheres of life, are not a product of well imagined logical thinking. Rather it is another step ahead in colonial ways when we were second priority citizen in the land of our birth. That way we remain the same second-rate citizen, after the superior rulers have long gone. Unlike USA, we are still groping on the wayward ways left behind by Colonial Masters. Education system is an example of this dichotomy.

Education through Homework:

Nowhere in the world the children are burdened with homework, the way they are burdened in India. Teachers use their class not as an opportunity to reach out to students to understand their individual biases and prejudices which are obstructing learning but the use the daïs of the classroom as a podium to declare their magnitude of knowledge. ……….

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