Caress of the summer of 2013.


Golden leaves have started to fall. A few here and a few there. Not yet plenty. Summer breathes again. Soon it will be out of hibernation. Grass will be golden. Trees will be barren and it will be time to taste the sweet mango and melons yet again.
Welcome my friend. Welcome again in 2013. We are working to embrace you.
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New Delhi without dust storm in summer 2012


Dust storm is part of summer in New Delhi. This year has been an exception. No dry dust storm. The onset of summer was late. It started in mid May unlike mid April every year. Summer was hot enough. It did touch 48 degree celsius but there was no dust storm. High velocity air is part of summer when hot air shifts rapidly leaving the space for cold air to rush in but it did not happen this summer.
Today is unusually windy. Like summer but that is not unusual. It happens at this time when weather kick starts for winter. But this year the usual dry dust storm we’re absent in May, June or July. Storms did hit New Delhi but only as precursor to rain. No dry dust storm. Why?
It is no doubt that Delhi is much more green than what it used to be. I wonder if that is the reason for absence of dust storm.
We can only wonder? Why?

© Sandeep Bhalla

Living life or chasing security.

Springs, autumn and life
Summer is here. Hot and furious. Temperature knocking to cross 45 degree Celsius, everyday. The bloom which had accompanied the springs, is scantily visible in few branches. Grass is turning golden and trees bracing heat would soon recoil within, to hibernate through summer. Many smaller plants would be dried and shall feed others as compost. Tough journey ahead with possibility of another bloom at the fall when preparation shall start for winter.
Life looks arduously long when we count number of blooms, which are so few. If only we learn to sit through summers and winters of life. Chasing springs everyday changes nothing. When springs of youth, prosperity of wealth and relationship is showered we have no time for relishing it, for we have to secure the springs forever. Nobody could and nobody would. It does not appear to be a surprise that springs is the plural of spring which is short lived elasticity.
If only we could borrow the patience from the Trees! The achievement of stepping out of food chain has bred arrogance which defies logic. This vanity must be overcome. Would we?

Another lazy thought on lazy Sunday.

(c) Sandeep Bhalla