Communication, gossip and speech.

About speech:

Speech is unique gift to humans. Other creatures can only yearn for speech while few may imitate human speech without understanding a word.
We take our speech for granted. However communication with speech is not always easy, we have already seen that. So what we do when we are not really trying to communicate?

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You know what I actully meant was not what I said!

What we actually mean by what we say?

Do we really know what we say. How often we have to say “No,no, that is not what I meant” even though we had said it. So whose mistake is it? Mind or tongue ? Well the guess is it is a communication failure but inside ourselves it is gross misunderstanding.

How the mind works?

Mind is an ancient apparatus. It dates back to the time when we had not developed language. In perhaps even before that, when we were not communicating at all. Or perhaps none of these two but for peculiar reason, the mind stores the memory data in pictorial format not in any language. Continue reading