Akismet finally missed one spam!

Spam Comments:

Akismet is WordPress’s official filters for blocking Spam messages and thus saving a lot of time of bloggers from frivolous messages. . Over last two years and past about 25000 views, it has done a remarkable job of keeping Spam comments out. It had never really missed any Spam message until yesterday. I really wonder how it manages to identify such subtle messages. Some are outlandish in being Spam but often some comments are articulated in generic but personal tone which sound very real. Good job.

The warrior

The Spam who could cross the barrier was a Polish web site advertising about a College of Cosmetology, with pictures of many girls in the process of beauty treatment. The Comment landed straight in my mail box like a normal comment. In fact it looked quite normal. Continue reading

The Award of Most Persistent Spammer of the Year 2012 goes to “lista de mail.”

Life is not easy.Nor is virtual living on the INTERNET.  Thanks to word-press, they have effective Spam filter (called akismat). Or I should say extremely effective. However the Spam comments are accumulated for us to choose and delete or approve at our peril. Increase in traffic is directly proportionate to increase in spams. However, it appears that the most persistent Spammer, this year had been “lista de mail.” It is an email service which keeps on sending Spam Comments through a variety of sources. No other Spammer has tested my patience, the way this website. approx, 10 comments per day. If I mis to delete for a few days, there is mountain of Spam comments piled up. Would some Robinhood hacker take care of this website to provide some leverage to an average blogger.
Since all these comments were by third parties posting a link to that web site, nothing can be legally attributed to them. Hence no legal action is possible as well.
Hence the award of being the “Most persistent Spammer of the Year 2012″ goes to lista de mail.” May it be doomed forever.

Will they now have mercy of leaving us alone?
I have doubts.

Where is Robinhood.

S.V. Robinhood

S.V. Robinhood (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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