Relationship with sorrow.

Sorrow is our most intimate friend.

Any thing happens, we slide in the cold lap of sorrow. Everybody has reasons to be sad. However different, these reasons may be, yet how similar these reasons are. One such reason is disappointment. Our hopes, aspirations or expectations are crushed so often that often it seems to be the only source of disappointment.

Sorrow from impossibility.

Of course there is always a cause of impossibility like death of near or dear or illness. About death, I had a recent brush with it when my father died last year. I was sad as ‘I’ had lost a dear and trusted friend. I could talk to him almost anything. Regarding my advice to him, he always agreed with me but never followed. At a ripe age of 90 and with degenerating mind and body, should his death be a reason for sorrow? Continue reading

Few thoughts about death.

When death is sweet.

About death:

Death is the only certainty in life, its timing is not. While I was watching the funeral arrangements being made for the body left behind, my mind was struggling with waves of thought. What is death? Is it distinct from life? Is life part of death or vice versa?


Death in ripe old age of 85! Is it a matter of sorrow or relief? Actually the sorrow is for our loss. It depends on our dependence, financial or moral. The less dependent we are on the dead, less meaningful and even lessor is the depth of our sorrow. Continue reading

Why are you sad and negative?

Do you ever say ‘WOW’?

A friend has asked such questions. According to her, this blogger is a negative person who finds fault with everything. At best this blog offers dark humor and at worst it looks at things upside down. The most despicable is the facetious attitude towards the human emotions. In the end the same question prefixed by another ‘Are you never happy for anything? Questions may sound many but essentially it is a single question. And answer is in full public glare.

Continue reading

New Year 2013 celebrations in New Delhi

A deserted pathway.

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Year 2012 seems to be an year of grief. It ended with sorrow. Last night was the first new year night in my life when no music was played in the neighborhood. No dance party was heard or seen in New Delhi. No terrace party! The terrace parties needed no excuse. Fire crackers were heard from distance but not of the normal scale. It is not that people may not have had celebrated a little, indoors, but the usual flair was not known. Living in Central Delhi for over two decades, this was no celebration. No usual road side music and dance in Tents with booze, except by a few known dumb heads. No late night fight over loud music. This is not the Indian way. Was it grief, compassion, sorrow, solidarity or fear? May be all of it.
Clubs and Discos were real casualty. With most girls refusing to go out, it was a grim and expensive affair for boys. Was safety a concern or another form of protest, is yet to be seen.
This silence is unequivocal and deafening. Is this the lull before storm or after the storm?

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10 Top tips to remain happy ever after!

An unhappy or depressed feeling.

So we are not feeling happy today. Sorry I got it wrong. We are unhappy today, Oh it is worse we are depressed over this pathetic life, selfish & thankless people, cruel boss, nagging or ignorant spouse or what not. We have ample to choose from the menu to be unhappy on any single day. If we want to get any better let us understand the world around us.

Recognize 10 Truths of life:

  1. Every human on this planet and elsewhere is like us. The only difference is our/his experiences and its interpretation.
  2. We can not control the future. It is evolving in its own mysterious ways.
  3. Humans are inherently selfish. In fact this selfishness is built-in to save us from destroying ourselves and to take good care of ourselves like animals. But we have a problem of greed. We want to accumulate anything or everything for some future use.
  4. We are like apes i.e. monkey. We must visit Zoo once in a while to observe monkeys. Like them we can not resist to copy others. In fact this behaviour is an industry called Fashion. We wear things, eat and drink things that hurt, just because it is in fashion. Continue reading