Experiments with sonnet writing.

We know so much about everything that is happening around us but we know so little about ourselves. Every day unwraps a layer of shroud around our consciousness. Last weekend I experimented with poetry. It often happens that a sentence due to choice or words would strike me and I would chuckle and rhyme it, sometime to the annoyance of listener. Any how, a bit of scribbling jumbled up few rag-tag combination of words. Here below, I have experimented with ‘Sonnet’ style, if that can be called style. It is not what it should be but this is what I could do, so far. It is about homecoming from vacation. How return from retreat, renders a relief as also feel so boring. Actually every person is a King and his home is his castle. symbolically, every person behaves like King and Queen, may be without a large estate. Continue reading