Why blog? Why follow blogging tips and Blog Guru?


Blog is understandably short name (portmanteau) for weblog. In other words it is a daily journal or diary. Few weeks back a blogger compared his blogging to ‘defecating in public.’ It must be very simple and automatic affair for him. To me, as I said earlier, it is a diary of my synthesised thoughts. It is a store house of useful links, pictures, ideas, knowledge and people. It is not constant. It keeps changing.
Since my perception about various things can be wrong, these posts are an invitation to correction. Knowledge is another name for information and it gets obsolete every moment.
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Scratch my back

Virtual reality Français : Réalité virtuelle

Social Net Working and Blogging

We are living in a world where rule is: ‘you scratch my back and I will scratch yours’. I have always believed that, in human civilization, there  always was a distance between the traders and intellectuals. The former always bending rules to accumulate more and the latter, in pursuit of intellectual curiosity, unconcerned with the former’s activity. The net or virtual reality should be no different. The commercial sites may play all kinds of tricks to have more foot fall but a blogging site should remain irrelevant to the foot fall. The face book culture of liking your stuff without even reading it, is rather adolescent. It matters not if somebody like my point of view or not. It matters more if some body points out if I am misdirected.


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