Socializing: the art and tips for success.

Art of socializing

Hit the wall

Socializing is a new name to create a marketable interaction with people so as to remain visible on social radar and thus available for hire. Socializing is an art which requires skill. In fact socializing requires many skills. Some of these skills are articulated here under:

1. Socializing with gifts:

Gift is the best way to seek attention. More expensive the gift, more attention it will get. The shrewd person would certainly not waste an expensive gift on a minion. The proportion has to weighed carefully. That is why it is a skill. Continue reading

Living or performing to act!

No one accepts no one. We may like a few things about a few people but are incapable of accepting any one completely. Our fractured acceptance is known to the mind and in response there is intense craving for acceptance which also means attention. This is the cause of our propensity to compliments and flattery. This is also the cause of Continue reading