Dream and reality.

A scribble on dreams and reality

Let me sleep.

Dream so real, love so sweet;
Kiss so tender, alive underneath;
Beauty beyond measure, smile so real;
Behold your hope and let me sleep;

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Few thoughts about death.

When death is sweet.

About death:

Death is the only certainty in life, its timing is not. While I was watching the funeral arrangements being made for the body left behind, my mind was struggling with waves of thought. What is death? Is it distinct from life? Is life part of death or vice versa?


Death in ripe old age of 85! Is it a matter of sorrow or relief? Actually the sorrow is for our loss. It depends on our dependence, financial or moral. The less dependent we are on the dead, less meaningful and even lessor is the depth of our sorrow. Continue reading

Consciousness, sleep, dreams and thinking!

Problem of pondering:

He was sitting in chair with eyes closed. No sound of snoring or palpable nostrils. I looked closely but no rapid eye moment was visible. He was not dreaming. Television was blaring news. It continued for about ten minutes, when I made a noise. ‘When you came? Was I asleep?’ was the response. He was not asleep. Just in deep thought. So when are we actually asleep or awake?
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Awake from sleep but in dreams of thought!

Artists have a different level of sensitivity. They reach out to certain questions not relevant to their art, too often. Subjects they themselves be least interested in. Perhaps the energy is overwhelming. Now the question is:

When are we awoke?

The answer can be simple. We are awake when we are not sleeping. But the problem is that if we were sleeping, who was dreaming? How is it possible to be sleep and awake at the same time? It appears that the question may be approached from other end.

What is a dream?

Before reaching to any answer we need to intro-inspect few facts. Do we dream often or sometimes?
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Ignorance to lifestyle related health problems!


Health (Photo credit: 401(K) 2012)

Sleep is a big healer but physical exercise is a precondition for good sleep as also for proper movement of limbs. Working 14x7x350 is the worse than slavery. It is unfortunate that we have accepted that routine health problems should be treated with medicine which does nothing but to hide or postpone real problem. Medicine is no healer. It can not accelerate growth in tired tissues/cells. Only right sleep has ability to regenerate tired tissues or cells in the body.

Entertaining distant relative

We recently had a distant relative as visiting guest. Though the visitor was healthy, there were many things which were being ignored. While money is  important but how can we justify it at the cost of health? This another short story is, another example of not having time for ourselves i.e. health.

About the visitor

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