Blogging: Why bother to write when we can recycle content?

Education is all about ability to perceive facts, from reading about it, as against actually watching it to happen. To be a good reader, requires two things. First is the knowledge of the language and second is ability to imagine. Reading and daydreaming goes hand in hand. Reading, like all things, often becomes an obsession, but that is another matter.
Writing is an extension of reading. Writing also involves two things. First command over the language and second is clarity of perception of thought. Writing transforms the abstract thought into tangible words. Continue reading

Money! Stop bickering behind my back. It will not help you.


from riches to ruins.

Money has become a contraption.

Money loves bickering behind my back, telling everyone what I should do or what I have done. This is childish but Money refuses to grow up. I had always liked to treat Money with respect but it just does not grow up. Chasing money, booze or young girls/boys promising great time, is no achievement in life. Money should be put to better use in life.

Problem of being Money

Money has a problem it wants to be somebody. Somebody famous. A celebrity, may be. Actually Money has no intrinsic value. But the truth, as Buddha observed long ago, nothing in this world has any intrinsic value. Some people develop some skills, like writing but most are never interested in that. However the skills are also temporary. An Orator becomes invalid by Alzheimer in no time.
As a progeny of greed and fear, one could never out grow destiny. So what it will be? The richest man. The country’s richest man built his new home. The most expensive home in the world but is fearful to move into it due to some perception. The fear of uncertainty of future still controls him. Wealth could not kill fear rather expanded it. Yet an Automaton will follow rather chase money and become Money. Continue reading