Socialising with incommunicado!

Every person is right. Well that is an understatement. Truth is that no one is completely wrong ever. Even when a person is wrong, there is always a justification which makes it the problem of somebody else. With the above background of justification, for every kind of conduct, no person is liable to anything.
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Communication, gossip and speech.

About speech:

Speech is unique gift to humans. Other creatures can only yearn for speech while few may imitate human speech without understanding a word.
We take our speech for granted. However communication with speech is not always easy, we have already seen that. So what we do when we are not really trying to communicate?

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Wandering thoughts!

Some day at 4.30 AM.
Thoughts wander over sublime ocean of silence beneath which are buried all the answers. Hovering but with inability to penetrate the silence. Such a conflict. Does this conflict produce the energy which sustain the existence or this conflict is the cause of misery produced by our stubbornness to cling to past. Stubbornness which forces us to read what is not written. Continue reading