Beware of monster serial killer(s) or psychopaths involved in Delhi bus rape!

Who is a psychopath or serial killer?

Serial killer Joey Henderson attempts to murde...

Serial killer Joey Henderson attempts to murder Tania Jeffries. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

An anti social behavior in which the aggressor not only sexually violates the victim but also torture or mutilate the victim; which may extend to killing and is seemingly unconcerned or not compassionate about the pain or suffering of the victim. In some cases the pain or killing may cause arousal or satisfaction to the aggressor. They are also called as “intra-species predators”.

Position of Police in India about psychopaths

Police in India has always been very clever enough. It never allowed the press to label such psychopathic crimes as such. For if a criminal is shown to be acting involuntary, on the basis of some unknown mental force, he may plead insanity and get away from his due. The last such example was gruesome murders in Noida, another suburb of Delhi. The accused are convicted and shall suffer the sentence. following conclusion drawn from a study, of psychopaths is apt description:

The offenders in this study displayed aggressive and antisocial behaviors during their childhood which escalated and took on elements of sexual sadism in adulthood. There was also a style and pattern to their killings which involved domination, control, humiliation and sadistic sexual violence. The murders were committed without the least sense of guilt or shame and the killers displayed a total lack of remorse. The victims were chosen at random and the murders carried out in almost an obsessive manner.

A Psychopathic crime in Delhi and insensitive police

The Bus which helped the nightmare of rape.

The Bus which helped the nightmare of rape, (Image credit

The horrific incident which took place two days ago at New Delhi is too painful to be graphically narrated here except for necessary facts. A school bus with 4-6 predators presenting itself as point to point private bus (called chartered bus) offered to give ride to two young friends, one male and other female at about 9.00 PM. Once inside they were beaten and stripped. Male was thrown at one secluded spot. The female, assaulted, tortured raped and thrown out half dead, an hour later. Crying girl got help after much delay. Police took hours to understand that matter can no be hushed. I hope that those delaying the first-aid to bleeding victim, shall be held accountable. The most horrific part is that these predator-rapist(s) inserted an iron rod in birth canal (pl. understand what I mean) and pierced right upto large intestine. Unbelievable.

Forensic inspection of bus.

Forensic inspection with leather boots on. (image credit

This is no rape as it is perceived. It is a clear signature mark or pattern of killing in a most painful way. It is a surprise that victim is still alive. These actions are the identification of a psychopathic killer. Police in India seriously lack forensic or deductive skills but often rise to occasion. The crime scenes are compromised, most of the time. We may only hope they may not goof up this time especially in collecting the DNA evidence from crime scene to nail the accused.

It appears to me that the past history of these accused persons and their past encounters with women must be investigated by Delhi Police to find out if they or any one of them is a psychopath with trail of offenses or budding serial killer.

As regards the victim, no words can ease the pain she is undergoing. She has already underwent five surgical procedures. May God give her courage to face such horrific time and the pain she is undergoing.

© Sandeep Bhalla

PS: This is an article containing details about symptoms of psychopaths/predators:

The following conclusion from above article is thought provoking:

we need to study the brains and lives of every serial killer and psychopath from birth until death to be sure why they are what they are. One has to believe that it is a mixture of both, since no reasonable person could possibly rule out the importance of any one factor. The most important research is the research that shows that these people can be “redesigned” by a nurturing and caring environment; animal breeders can prove this theory. A person who has a fierce rottweiller that comes from a long line of fighting dogs bred for meanness and ferociousness can turn this dog into a sweet, loveable, lap dog with the right care and nurturing. However, there are extreme cases where the dogs are so mean that they just have to be euthanized. For the most part, however, the right environment can change the animal’s behavior completely. It would seem that the same reality would apply to people, and research shows that it does. In my opinion, it is not realistic to think that all of the psychopaths and serial killers in the world can be saved, but if we can catch the signs early in childhood, we may have a chance. Even though their brains may have abnormalities, we can certainly try to change their environments to redirect their development.

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