Either I don’t get it or wordpress self-hosting is weak and unreliable like window95.

It is several months trying to figure out WordPress self-hosting.

There is always a problem. Secure yourself too much and you end up knocking a door which you locked yourself.

Searching all the net but there is no step by step instructions on security. There are so many options but so little help.

The point is wordpress.com CMS is good enough for blog on a website enclosed by hard coded secure place but not as an independent CMS.

What I have discovered is that wordpress can be manipulated with right commands from the browser sings to command far more than an average user can make a system dance from Linux terminal.

It is a window95 type version of CMS.

It appears that all the experience of past four years with word press is wasted as it can not survive in open ocean of deepweb without commercial software. So much from the free wordpress.com.

WordPress.com uses security software at server level which are not available to an average user. Some of these additions/plugins/security measure are available at a price and my guess is that is a part of financing the project of blogging.

But real security wordpress.com ensure is from its server configuration not from wordpress.com CMS which is mostly stupid stuff for an average user.

May be it is time to move on to something better like Joomla. But is that really better?

Presently after or really with the labyrinth, self-hosted  websites are accessible from public but I can not write or add anything.


So much for user friendliness. But that word is always an euphemism for inviting people to fall into trap. Sorry no trap. This is how technical stuff is sold.

Great! A new challenge.

Money! Stop bickering behind my back. It will not help you.


from riches to ruins.

Money has become a contraption.

Money loves bickering behind my back, telling everyone what I should do or what I have done. This is childish but Money refuses to grow up. I had always liked to treat Money with respect but it just does not grow up. Chasing money, booze or young girls/boys promising great time, is no achievement in life. Money should be put to better use in life.

Problem of being Money

Money has a problem it wants to be somebody. Somebody famous. A celebrity, may be. Actually Money has no intrinsic value. But the truth, as Buddha observed long ago, nothing in this world has any intrinsic value. Some people develop some skills, like writing but most are never interested in that. However the skills are also temporary. An Orator becomes invalid by Alzheimer in no time.
As a progeny of greed and fear, one could never out grow destiny. So what it will be? The richest man. The country’s richest man built his new home. The most expensive home in the world but is fearful to move into it due to some perception. The fear of uncertainty of future still controls him. Wealth could not kill fear rather expanded it. Yet an Automaton will follow rather chase money and become Money. Continue reading

How to handle security issues with Shangmail/Hudeemail?

Welcome Screen of HudeeMail

Hudeemail is a service claimed to be provided by Babeeta Beijing Technology Co. Ltd., but the profile of this company is not clear. It claims that its Chinese counterpart shangmail is a e-mail provider in china. Hudeemails’s website does not provide any physical address. Rather it claims that HudeeMail and Babeeta are two different companies and Babeeta handles the front end. Installation method of hudeemail has been described elaborately in my previous post about installation and some security concerns  if it is a hack? To trust a company in China, whose legal system is completely unknown, is a little difficult. Worst part is that Blackberry is completely silent. No technical person comes forward with details.

When hudeemail accesses the Google or Yahoo, first it accesses as if it is from a desktop from an IP address in USA. Hence the google/yahoo/etc. detect that account is not being accessed from the regular place or even country and a warning is generated. Warning does not give any indication as to what was the name of client which accessed its server. Continue reading

Liam Corcoran enjoyed the secured hospitality of Air Travel!

Air travel then!


There was a time when air travel was a nostalgia. Air Hostesses were made to look like a celestial representative sent to earth by Aer or Aether (the God of Air). Their costumes were not like house maid but at worst looked like a women army official. They used to hail from educated upper class society. She would speak with smile act with courtesy and move with dignity. Air Hostesses had fewer duties and many other staff to assist in menial duties.


It was more of a formality than anything. Policemen carrying heavy guns was a scare enough. X-ray was all that was needed. Frisking was a matter of apology for the policeman, which he would carry on his face while frisking us.  Fewer people and fewer questions. Face reading was all to do for security. Any one who looked out-of-place was subjected to more severe scan.


The snacks or the food, which was prepared had no consideration like economy. Consideration was packing and to serve it hot. It was invariably fresh and not only from a 5 star hotel but was actually 5 star i.e. with the recipe endorsed by reputed chef. The purpose of serving the food was to provide an on board experience for taste buds, often a culinary delight. A Journey on the clouds duly pampered by the on board hospitality.

Air travel now!

It is an unavoidable nightmare. Rising fuel cost, too much competition, greed and above all insecurity on account of threat or terrorism has made air travel, a physical and mental torture at worst and an undesirable drill at best. Continue reading